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Friday, February 6, 2009

Connecticut Opera's season cancelled

Connecticut Opera, with two remaining productions in their three-show season (Daughter of the Regiment, for which I was to sing in the chorus, and an exciting production of La Boheme with a fantastic African-American cast), has become the latest victim of the national economic crisis, and had to close mid-season.

For those of us in the chorus, this is a disappointment, to say the least. For full-time members of the company, the financial and professional loss is immeasurable. So is the loss to the community. The prospect that this could be a permanent closure (nobody can know for sure in times like this) potentially leaves a gaping hole in the Connecticut arts scene that can never be filled. Particularly heart-wrenching is the possibility of saying good-bye to Maestro Willie Anthony Waters, who has been bringing opera to the Bushnell and to the greater Hartford community for over 25 years. Working with Willie, an opera-world badass and a truly kind soul, has been an unequalled privlege.

This is indeed a sad time for the arts.

Update: Not long after this post, CT Opera announced that it has closed for good.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed. Well put. In one week it is virtually gone. If the wealthiest state in the country can't maintain its own opera company we are in for some serious deficits culturally. I guess we have to start doing more individual, grass-roots, creative, self-starter type expressions for our artistic outlets. You and Carl are inspirations! KK